I have a long-standing passion for yoga which started whilst studying at University. The deep relaxation and sense of wellbeing I experienced after taking a class was something I had never encountered before, and my improved ability to concentrate as a result helped me to remain focused during exams and whilst writing my final thesis. 

On graduating with a BSc. Hons in Human physiology I went to live and work in Japan. My work as an ESL teacher there kept me extremely busy and I found that by attending yoga classes regularly I was able to maintain my energy levels and manage stress in the workplace more easily. I also started to see changes and improvements in my general health, and realized the benefits of yoga were worth sharing.

In 2005 I undertook my first yoga teaching qualification in Hatha yoga at a studio in Japan. This provided me with an excellent foundation for teaching asana (yoga poses) and deepened my understanding of yoga practice both on and off the mat. I taught Hatha yoga and Power yoga classes in studios and for private clients until I returned to the UK in 2008.

In 2006 I first encountered Ashtanga yoga and was immediately drawn to this more dynamic and challenging style of practice. I joined a studio and attended morning practice and regular evening classes, deepening my own practice and my passion for yoga.

In 2009 I took further teacher training with Larry Schultz at It's Yoga in San Francisco. The training focused on teaching Ashtanga Vinyasa, this more dynamic style of yoga. I graduated gaining a Yoga Alliance accredited certification.

Currently I have a small studio space in Portobello where I teach a number of group classes and private clients. I also teach Ashtanga Vinayasa at the Yoga Room http://www.ro-yoga.com/index.html and Aditi Yoga http://www.aditiyogacentre.com/ in Edinburgh.

Being practiced in two different styles of yoga and having undertaken teacher training specific to both, I am able to blend styles tailoring lessons to the individual needs of my clients. Being firmly grounded in my own practice my teaching style reflects this being disciplined yet accessible to even complete beginners, honest and fun.

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